Makeup Review: New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer


So I don’t use primer. But I should use primer, because my pores are horrid. Because I’m cheap, I bought this primer. I mean, it’s NYC, and I liked the products that I’ve used in the past, so I thought this would be a good purchase. 

Nope, not even a little bit good. Bad. Very bad purchase. Horrible purchase. Thank goodness it was only like, $3 or something.

This primer is watery, and, um, sparkly. Now, as mentioned above, I don’t use primer, so I don’t really know what it’s like, but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be sparkly. 

Have a look at my hands.On the left, it’s not blended in much at all, so it’s very sparkly. But on the right, it’s completely blended into my skin….still sparkly! 


It also stinks. Like glue. I’m serious, it smells like Elmer’s Glue. So, so weird.

And, okay, here’s the really weird part, it balled up on my skin and flaked off. SO FREAKING WEIRD, RIGHT?! I don’t know if it’s my skin, or because I tend to have dry skin (the product says “for all skin types”, so that shouldn’t matter), but the more I tried to rub it into my face, the more it balled up–you know how eraser looks after you use it on your paper? The little eraser flecks? That’s exactly what this did on my skin! It just came right off in weird little flecks.

So, yeah, no. I won’t be using this again. I suppose I need to spend some money for a quality primer, huh? Okay, okay, lesson learnt. 😉


Makeup Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Today I’m going to tell you about Lancome Grandiose mascara. When I researched this stuff online, I laughed. I laughed so hard. I was like, “HAHAHAHA, WHO THE HELL IS GONNA PAY $35 FOR A MASCARA, HAHAHAHAHA”

Um, guys? I’m totally going to pay $35 for a mascara when this bottle runs out. This mascara is like nothing I’ve ever used before. I’m in love. There, I said it. I’m in love with a mascara, and if it was a person, I’d marry it. THAT’S how awesome this mascara is.

Mascara usually really bothers my eyes. They water, they burn a bit, I can see the clumps on my lashes, I’m constantly rubbing my eyes, which pretty much makes wearing mascara pointless.

But not this stuff! I can’t even tell I’m wearing it. It’s light, not at all clumpy, and just feels like there’s nothing there at all. That’s pretty freaking cool.

It was REALLY easy to apply. Check out that swan wand. Isn’t it neat? That made it really easy to put on, even reaching into the corners of my eyes. 

grandoise 1

The box includes this really cool diagram to help you put it on properly. It’s pretty easy to figure out, but the diagram is still nice to have. 

grandoise 2

And that bottle. My god, that gorgeous, incomparable bottle. I mean, I’d like a freaking work of art on it’s own! The rose is INSIDE the bottle top! Elegant and classy!

grandoise 3

Okay, so check out my pics–

The top is before and after. On the left is the mascara, on the right is nude. Guys, I didn’t curl my lashes at all. That curl? THAT’S ALL THE MASCARA! It cured my freaking eyelashes! Look at the length I got! IT’S AMAZING.

In the second photo, both eyes have the mascara on the top lashes, and in the bottom pic, the mascara is on both top and bottom lashes, as well as a bit of eyeliner under the bottom lashes.


Now, I should say that I never wear mascara on my bottom lashes, but it was really easy to apply there too, for those of you who do.

The only downfall, and I mean ONLY downfall, is that this isn’t a waterproof mascara. Being a very emotional and sensitive person, I tend to cry. A lot. Wearing this mascara, I’m probably end up looking like Tammy Faye in no time if I started to tear up. 

So, seriously, buy this mascara. It’s worth the price. I promise. 

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.